Shoot And Share 2018

Shoot and Share 2018 is here! And I’ve entered for the first time! It’s exciting and also makes me nervous! What’s the big deal you ask? Well, let me explain what Shoot and Share is.

Shoot and Share is a yearly competition for photographers. There are 25 different categories and you can enter up to 50 photos. The submission period this year was January 8th through January 26th. The people who enter photos are the ones who vote on the photos entered. No one knows who took the photos since watermarking isn’t permitted. You also cannot enter a photo in which you’ve previously entered. In the end, the photo(s) in each category with the most votes, wins. And there are legit prizes to be won too!

It’s kinda a big deal too. Last year 150,000 people were involved and 330,116 photos were submitted. Over 60,000,000+ votes were cast, and 159 countries across the world were involved.

Up next is the voting period which is open from February 1st through March 3rd. The winners will be announced March 5th through March 19th.

While I hope, pray, and cross every appendage that I can that I do well, I’m just proud of myself for entering! I even went “all in” and submitted 50 images from over the years. I promised myself to pursue my photography more vigilantly this year (after slacking off in 2017), and to do things I haven’t done. This is a start.

If you’d like to know more, or enter yourself next year, click here.

Good luck to everyone who has entered this year!

Shoot & Share 2018 Badge of Courage
Shoot & Share 2018 All In Club

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