Hello, my name is Alexis . I believe that hiring a photographer for any event should not cost a small fortune, and that’s where I come into the picture (no pun intended).

Anyone can take a photo, but it’s the talent and ability of the person behind the lens to be able to bring a photo to life, to bring all that emotion into that photo. To simply be able to make everyone feel that moment as if they were living it.

I’ve always had a love of photography. I started out in landscapes, capturing the beauty of mother nature in all her glory. From there I ventured into animals and pets.

I then decided to extend my photography into portraits. To capture that moment for all to view. To capture that moment, forever.

In high school, I completed three years at Eastern Westmoreland Career & Technology Center in Graphic Design. The skills I learned in those three years using Adobe and Corel, can help turn a great photo, into an outstanding photo.

For more information and/or inquiries, contact me using the link above!