I’m glad you’ve stuck around to learn a little bit about the person behind the lens who (I’m hopeful) will be taking your photos! To sum it up briefly.. I’m a red headed, animal loving, book reading, Gettysburg dreaming, weather geeking, crafting, photographer. So let’s dive a little deeper…

Yes, I’m a red head. I take pride in that (my dad passed me his best genetic trait)! Pale skin, freckles, yup that’s me in a nut shell! The sun doesn’t love me, so you won’t see me being a beach bum anytime soon. I am married to my best friend, Bryan. We wed on a drizzly day in mid October 2014, with a foretasted high of 48… Not sure if it ever got that warm! My other best friend is my beagle, Zoey. When I’m at home, she’s right by side. She’s definitely my very spoiled fur baby.

I love animals. I grew up on a “mini farm” of sorts. Ten acres of woods and fields to roam as a kid. We owned an assortment of animals from dogs, cats, ducks, geese, rodents, orphaned wild critters, and the horses. I cannot forget our horses. I was so lucky to have been able to grow up on the backs of our horses. I can’t tell you how many countless hours I spent with them.

Books? Yea I’ve got some.. my grand mothers bookcase is over full. And yes, I prefer an actual book in my hands vs reading on my kindle or phone. There’s something about the paper, the ink, the scent of a book. It just feels good in my hands. Another plus, I never have to worry about glare off of a screen!

Gettysburg is my second home. I don’t know what draws me there, but there’s something special. It doesn’t help that I’m fascinated by the civil war, so much so I have an interest in reenacting. My fascination with Gettysburg was fueled by my 8th grade history teacher, along with a class trip there. After that trip, I wanted to start reenacting and soon my family followed, first my father, then my mother and brother. Right now I’m on a hiatus from the hobby, but I’m slowly wanting to come back to it. My engagement photos with my husband were taken on the battlefields of Gettysburg. If my family had been able to travel, the wedding would’ve been there too.

Just a little known fact, I’m a trained weather spotter for the National weather service. Even though the weather in south western PA isn’t as volatile as out west, I enjoy watching storms. Online I’ll watch the live streams of chasers out west. I’m not sure I ever really want to see a live tornado, they’re very destructive. But I love a well formed, sprawling, photogenic shelf cloud.

During the slow months of photography (usually during the winter), I turn to crafting. I own a Cricut and make an assortment of crafts with it. I love making personalized items, they’re definitely my favorite to make! I have also been known to create studio props for photographers that live around me.

Now, let’s talk photography! I’ve always had an interest in since I was young, but nothing more serious than taking photos on family outings. In high school, I went to vo-tech for Graphic communications for three years. I was taught Photoshop, focusing more on website and graphic design. I graduated with a certificate in 2001. It wasn’t until my mother bought me my first digital camera, I started to shoot more. The second camera she bought me was an Olympus, and I had went back to film. I still have some of those photos. My favorite was a roll of black and white. Film started to become outdated, so I finally bought myself a Kodak Easyshare Z710 in 2009. I still have this camera and often take it with me on trips that I won’t take my other cameras. Digital photography made my life so much easier by being able to see right then and there if any adjustments needed. I started originally with landscapes, and slowly graduated to taking portraits of people. In 2012 I bought a used Canon Rebel T2i from Craigslist. In 2013 my at the time boyfriend Bryan (whom is now my husband) bought me a Canon T4i. It wasn’t until the fall of 2016 that I finally upgraded to a Canon 6D. My T2i I sold to help with the purchase. My T4i I still use as a back up.

My goal as a photographer is to simply capture a moment and make it last a life time. If 50 years from now you look at a photo and it brings back the feelings from that moment, then I have done my job. I truly believe anyone can take a photo, but it’s the talent and ability of the person behind the lens to be able to bring a photo to life, to bring all that emotion into that photo. Just like the best camera is the one you have on you at the moment you need it.